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SigMar Solutions is a dynamic, cutting edge company whose vision is to create a deeper relationship between companies and consumers by leveraging SigMar’s core competencies in marketing, supply chain management, customer satisfaction, social media marketing, and the latest technology to deliver a fully customizable and cost effective loyalty-building strategy.  SigMar delivers a wide assortment of rewards and incentives such as merchandise, gift cards, digital downloads, event tickets, and unique consumer experiences through marketing strategies that utilize multiple channels, including print, online catalogs, m-commerce and e-commerce enabled websites and auctions.  SigMar is a provider of comprehensive global loyalty solutions for companies seeking to acquire and retain long-lasting customer relationships through a shared business philosophy.   Our niche market involves providing well-established loyalty and rewards programs that engage employees and incentivize and reward consumers and loyalty members who expect a high-quality customer experience with individualized, relevant offers and rewards.

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Certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

About Marie Foster: Founder & CEO

Marie Foster is a proud graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology’s Bachelor’s Degree program in International Business, and has been in the loyalty and rewards industry for 15 years revitalizing and developing new loyalty programs across all industries. Her longest tenure was with SkyMall where she was the President of SkyMall Ventures. This division managed loyalty programs for clients such as Marriott Rewards, Caesars Entertainment, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Capital One, and Lufthansa Airlines. In 1999, SkyMall Ventures was incorporated in order to leverage the infrastructure of SkyMall’s in-flight sales business which was well-known for its iconic SkyMall Catalog found in the seat-back pockets of all major airlines. While working with SkyMall, Marie experienced great success working with Fortune 100 companies and promoting the virtues “non-core” versatile rewards programs which focused on utilizing a variety of merchandise, gift cards, consumer experiences, and instant rewards.  This provided clients with the ability to strengthen their “point currency” by enabling customers to do more with their loyalty points.

Marie’s core business philosophy is one of “proof in performance” as evidenced by the fact that many of her long-term clients first participated in test campaigns which in-turn evolved into successful long-term campaigns and generated lasting agreements and partnerships. Since childhood, Marie’s dream has been to build her own successful company and name it in honor of her father and the memory of her Uncle. With SigMar Solutions, Marie is bringing her dream to reality by growing and building a company dedicated to the inspiration of her loving father and the entrepreneurial spirit of her Uncle.

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