Create Deeper Relationships

Engagement | Loyalty | Rewards

We create deeper relationship with employees, customers and/or loyalty members while engaging them with relevant, personalized incentives and rewards.

Employee Engagement

Scalable and engaging social platform for employees to earn and redeem rewards.

Gift Cards

Discounted digital and plastic gift cards from over 100 top brands. Delivered with personalized letters scalable to any volume.

Social Collaboration

The SigMar platform is purposefully designed to forge ties between team members.

Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences

Offer exclusive experience not available to anyone else. Offer VIP tickets to the Super Bowl, to the Master’s, Grammy’s and many more coveted events.

Loyalty Programs

Turning people who are already your customers into loyal diehard fans.

Merchandise Incentives & Rewards

An extenisve network of name brand merchandise including exclusive products and bundles curated specifically for SigMar clients.