Creating the Next Generation of Customer Retention and Acquisition experiences

SigMar Solutions is a full-service omni-channel company specializing in building meaningful connections between brands and your customers across all media platforms. We create the most effective ways to make people fall in love with your brand online and in the real world.

Growing Relationships Between Brands & People

We are digital branding, customer marketing, staff engagement and guest loyalty, choose your sauce:

  • Strategy & Program Design

    We create custom loyalty programs that are always on-brand, and with clearly defined performance objectives.

  • Reward Delivery

    We deliver any type of reward; cash, points, gift cards, in kind merchandise, we will deliver whatever incentive will most motivate your participant to take the desired behavior in your program design.

  • Rewards Platform

    Our platform is a scalable and customizable that offers brands an easy-to-implement andloyalty and rewards solution. API's and single sign on makes this seamless.

  • B2C - Consumer Loyalty

    Grow customer loyalty than with an intelligently planned and executed rewards program.

  • B2B Sales Incentives

    B2B rewards and loyalty programs help build your brand’s reputation within targeted industries, leading to valuable, lasting relationships with clients and vendors of all kinds.

  • Mobile & Social Integration

    We are a mobile first company with a digital DNA, every program EVER built will be mobile and social friendly.

  • 3rd Party Integrations

    We integrate with most enterprise solutions including: SalesForce, Epsilon, SAP and more. We also partner with Stripe to allow for an eCommerce solution.

  • Memberships

    A loyalty program starts with its Members. Our membership-based program allows you to have direct link to each and every customer.

  • Social Sharing

    Promote your brand and push your programs through branded Facebook, Twitter, Email & SMS Sharing. Control shared messages with pre-canned text and images for each medium.

  • Refer a Friend

    Build an employee & customer loyalty membership virally through powerful referral programs.

  • Provide Marketplaces

    Our points infrastructure adapts to all sorts of scenarios. We help you design a program based on proven results, then you can customize it to meet any marketing objective.

  • Mobile Coupons

    Offer, track and limit coupon usage by guest, location and region. Our coupons work with or without POS integration and have a 99.9% read-rate, 30% redemption.

  • Loyalty

    Integrated loyalty allows customers to track purchases. Go beyond a simple punch-card, and reward the customer for engaging with you and/or for each dollar spent.

  • Survey

    Whether it's a poor experience or a fantastic smile, it's vital to know your visitor's opinions.

  • Contests

    Mobile-enabled contest tools allow you to drive guest engagement in-store, online and build your guest database in our integrated CRM.

Your are not in this alone

Every program will include the following:

  • Software Development

    A team of skilled software engineers and developers that build and configure your site and program according to your requirements.

  • Web Design

    Our design team takes your branding requirements and translates them to the look and feel of the site.

  • Account Management

    Your company will receive a Client Success Manager that will provide full support for the life of the account and a friendship that will last a lifetime.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our in-house team of QA experts thoroughly tests your site to make sure every functionality is working properly before it goes live.

  • Marketing

    Our marketing department is here to help you craft engaging and personalized program communications, as well as to help with any copy writing or photography needed to ensure a successful campaign.