Exciting and Relevant for the Modern Economy

Every customer is unique and each responds to different types of rewards and incentives. SigMar has direct relationships with more than 1,000 leading brands and our in-house curators create a custom merchandise portfolio that will keep your customers motivated and engaged including once-in-a-lifetime experiences, digital downloads, gift cards or that new iPhone and much more.

Engage Your Employees and Customers With Rewards They Want

Merchandise Incentives

Direct relationships with 1,000's of leading name brands

  • Cutting-Edge Merchandise

    Continuous sourcing of new and cutting-edge merchandise and brands to ensure program/promotions remains “fresh”

  • Exclusivity

    We receive exclusive products & bundles specifically designed for our partners

  • Custom Logos

    We can supply amazing custom Logo’d and imprinted apparel and merchandise

  • Expert Sourcing

    Unique sourcing capabilities allow us to quickly bring to market any new product or brand you or your customers desire

Relevant Digital Concepts

Offer digital downloads and rewards from everywhere imaginable

  • Low Cost Digital Lifestyle Rewards

    Rewards for a large promotion or campaign with no Credit card required and as low as $1 per digital code

  • The Top Platforms

    Offer free subscriptions and rewards from the most popular platforms like; iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Playfish, Hulu and more

  • Every Digital Download

    Our digital downloads include music, eBooks, audiobooks, movies, television shows, games, magazines and apps

  • Alternative Digital Rewards

    Offer non-traditional rewards such as dining credits and donations like planting trees across America

Once-in-a-lifetime Experiences

Reward your customers with unforgettable experiences

  • Travel Rewards

    Complete packages with air, hotel, car rental, cruises and activities

  • Sporting Events

    Provide VIP tickets to the Super Bowl, Masters or World Series and send them on an exclusive golf getaway

  • Concerts

    Reward them with VIP tickets to the Grammy's or to Beyonces sold out tour.

  • Exotic Events

    Provide the exclusive experience of driving a Ferrari in Tuscany, for example

Digital and Physical Gift Cards

Offer what they want, gift cards from 1000's of brands

  • Affordable Gift Cards

    Exclusive and deep discounts from major brands gift cards

  • 1000's of Brands

    Over 1000 active merchant branded gift cards that are warehoused and shipped worldwide

  • White Labeled and Customized

    We send out every gift card with a personalized and customized letter

  • Scalable & Secure

    Our warehouse provides unlimited capacity to process gift cards 7 days a week and respond to seasonal spikes